Trees In North Georgia

When we think of trees, we naturally think of wood and timber products. But every part of the tree is useful, from its wood to its saps, extracts, medicinal uses, greenery, and beyond. Some of our favorite food products from Georgia trees! Find out the many products that come from Georgia’s trees.

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Tools To Cut Down A Tree 14 Different Types of Tree cutting tools cutting down a tree or felling a tree can be an enormous job to handle depending on the size and condition of the tree so it’s important to err on the side of caution and use only the right tree cutting tools for the task. Georgia Tree Company
Branch Cutting Tools The best tool for cutting tree branches depends on the size of the branches and whether they are living or dead. Several tools make the job of pruning easier than other tools do. Hand pruners, loppers, pole pruners and saws all have their place in helping you shape and care for trees. Cutting tools cut
Hardwood Trees In Georgia Georgia is well known for its agricultural riches. Many of these are fruit-bearing trees that are native to the region and continue to grow wild in the landscape. A walk through a hardwood forest, along a roadside or through an abandoned field may reveal a treasure of fruit from any number of native species with

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When I first learned to identify the sourwood tree, Oxydendrum arboreum, I was amazed at how I had not noticed this tree before. It is found where acid soil exists throughout the southeastern United States, and especially in the mountains of North Georgia and Western North Carolina.

Named the State tree in 1937, Live oak trees are an iconic image of the southeastern United States and a beloved emblem of Georgia’s historical past.Requested by the Daughters of the American Revolution to be named the State tree, live oak is commonly found in historic areas first settled by the colonists.

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